About MeetFamilies

Creating Friendships, Connection, and Community

Are you concerned about your child’s ability to socialize in our digital world? Are you worried about your child's education? Do you find parenting lonely? Are you searching for a genuine sense of community?
Making Friend

Modern-day life has connected us more online, while it often leaves us desperately seeking real-life connections.

Making Friend

It’s no secret, families are facing a loneliness epidemic. With 45% of children saying they felt lonely 'often' or 'some of the time' and around 33% of adults reporting the same, loneliness has become a family-wide issue.

MeetFamilies is on a mission to change all of that.


Our goal is to redefine connections among families and bring back the essence of community to you and your children. Our platform is designed
to help you forge meaningful friendships with other families and cultivate a thriving support network in your community. Together, we aim to rebuild the fabric of community by uniting families and nurturing last relationships, while helping enrich the social and educational lives of your children.

Our mission is simple: to facilitate meaningful real-life connections among as many families as we can, improving the social lives of children and parents, while fostering a sense of belonging and community.

In today's digital age, where we can easily communicate and access each other online, no kid (or parent) should ever have to feel lonely or experience a lack of support.

Meeting Like-Minded Families Has Never Been Easier

We get it, parenting can be lonely. Especially if you don’t have parent-friends to go through the trenches of parenthood with.

Finding kids that you actually want your child to hang out with is tough. And breaking in another new babysitter? No thanks!

Joining the average virtual community or social media group seems like a quick fix, but it’s easy to feel like just another number, yelling into the void.

MeetFamilies wants to change all that.

We’ve simplified the process of finding like-minded families in your area and made it easy to actually find one another, and connect! We’ve created a digital network that facilitates real-life community that helps to fill your cup.

So if you’re over posting on a message board, fingers crossed someone (anyone?!) will reply or tired of scanning the other parents at the park, wondering if they might be fun to talk to, it’s time to try MeetFamilies.

Our platform is designed to match you with compatible families, making it easier to build real connections for you and your kids.

Set your child’s education and social life on the right track and join MeetFamilies today!