How MeetFamilies Works

We make it easy to find your people


Create A Family Profile

To create your profile, begin by adding an optional photo, and a brief bio that introduces your family. Then, answer a few questions that provide insights into your values and goals – this helps other families get to know you better, while also giving you the scoop about other families, and if you’d like to connect. Select from a range of interests that resonate with you, and make it super easy to find potential friends who share common hobbies and passions. Homeschoolers can easily share their goals and values to find others who share the same ones.


Get Validated

As we’re all about building community, we want to make sure we’re welcoming real families and creating a safe place for you, and your family. That’s why we have a validation process in place to make sure that you’re digitally surrounded by real families looking to build their local friend group.


Find Possible Matches

Now, the fun stuff. It’s time to find your people! Fine-tune your search with compatibility filters for categories like proximity to one another, parenting goals, or age of the children. Homeschool families easily connect with others who are educating their children at home, and find an untapped nearby community that can help reduce the isolation that can come with homeschooling.


Connect with Compatible Matches

Get ready to meet your new BFF’s. Scroll the list of local families, and get to know each other in a way that’s comfortable for you both. Whether you want to video chat, share pictures, or schedule a playdate at a park, you’re on the path to creating your own parenting network based on support and friendship.


Create or Join Groups and Events

Keep the party going by joining or initiating groups and events for your kids. Whether it's organizing sports leagues, playgroups, or family-friendly events, MeetFamilies provides the platform for families in your neighborhood to come together. Channel old school block parties by engaging in activities that unite families, and strengthen your community bonds.


Create Your Community

We’ve made it easier than ever to share in the parenting experience. Post blogs, and share your parenting story, and bond with others over the challenges of parenting. Make events that bring local families together, or create a homeschool coop that builds friendships and improves socialization. Our message board is a great digital space to add pictures, ask questions, or comment on others’ content. Homeschooling families, this will be the best place to share educational resources, programs, and curriculum goals.